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Present solutions not problems

At various points in our careers we encounter problems. For some people they are infrequent for others they occur daily. Some are major and some are minor. Some are of our own making, some are created by others or simply by situations. When we go to our boss to report the latest issue/s, do we [...]

Why being prepared to win at all costs is not always a good thing !!!

I have met a number of people particularly in business and especially sales, who claimed that they were prepared to “do anything to win”. Mostly they were people I didn’t like. When I was 12 years old, every pupil in my school had to participate in a boxing tournament. I was the smallest in my [...]

My first post since changing the way this blog is populated

  Dear Reader. For the last three years this blog has been populated automatically with posts from an article provider source. No longer! Over time it became apparent that most of the articles supplied provided little value to the reader and with a few minor changes were being published in multiple places. I have deleted [...]